Site De Kriekelaar

De Kriekelaar is a company run by Tom Vermonden and Greet Van Mieghem, who extend their passion for show jumping and eventing to the breeding of young talent for equestrian sports.


De Kriekelaar has beautiful accommodation where foals and young horses can be optimally prepared for a later sports career.

We have an indoor arena 85m x 32m with a Poels ebb and flow bottom. A lunging circle to train young horses. An outdoor arena of 100m x 60m. A competition course especially for young horses, ideal to prepare them for competitive sport.

Live-in concierge

Nikki takes care of the horses with love and attention every day. She also trains the young horses until they are ready for competition.

Training center

We have diverse jumping obstacles, ideal for preparing our young horses for competition.


We have a pixio camera with which training sessions can be recorded, young horses can be filmed for sale, …